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Track issues

If you see any Error Messages, (Error 111 : Error Message Here) here is what it means. (these are custom to this website):

♦Error 100 : Track data has not loaded

♦Error 101 : Track does not exist

♦Error 102 : Track data is not provided

♦Error 103 : Track data is corrupted

♦Error 104 : Track playback is not currently supported on your device

♦Error 105 : Your device's connection was suddenly interupted

♦Error 106 : Track playback is currently not supported in your region

♦Error 107 : A program/extension is blocking the playback of the track

♦Error 108 : Website is still loading (This error message may only show up after the error is solved. If you come across this error message, after the page has loaded, restart the page.

♦Error CXL : This error message will only show up as CXL, where the date of a Pre-Released EP Preview shows up. This means that either the EP, or Track has been canceled.

♦Error 110 : The Track/EP preview has been removed

♦Error MM/DD/YY : This message will show up as a date. It signifies that this Track/EP Preview is going to be released only avalible as a Pre-Release, and the selected track is not public currently. If the track/EP preview is going to be released in the same year you are viewing the Track, the date will be displayed as Month ABBR/Day. If the track is for a later year it will be displayed as MM/DD/YY. If the Track is more then a year away, which is uncommon, it will be displayed as MM/YY, until this date is closer. More than a year doesn't take into consideration the current month.

We hope this list was useful to you. If you have any questions about an error message not listed, please 

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